How one small puppy provided the links for what you see today at our funeral home in Stafford

Living on my own, in a friendly close-knit community of Stafford, afforded me a sociable lifestyle with equal amounts of privacy and interaction.

In March 2020, circumstances changed for everyone as the country went into it’s first lockdown, I was comforted by the fact that I now had my new faithful companion ‘Neo’ my 8-week-old Border Collie pup!

I have always had a personal interest in the relationship between ‘a man and his best friend’ and previously had supported the Police Puppy scheme and had several German shepherd pups whilst working within West Midlands Police Force. I knew that Neo would need a great deal of exercise and training to become the loyal companion he is today.

Working in the funeral industry throughout the Pandemic brought great pressure at work and much sadness. As a team, we worked long hours in difficult situations and Neo was at my side and always there to offer comfort at the end of a difficult day. Neo was introduced to the funeral industry, from Day 1 – accompanying me to work and loved by the team that I was managing at the time.


In the various stages of lockdown, Neo was reintroduced to his brothers and sisters as we socialised the litter. Meeting other owners over the months ahead, we exchanged interests, life stories and shared our experiences of the pandemic. It was during this time that I met Chris and Lesley.

Lesley owned Shadow, Neo’s sister.

Keen to hear about the work that I was involved in, we developed a friendship and a working partnership that was to be the start of Love’s Independent Funeral Directors. With the combination of our skillset, work ethics, vision and belief, the journey began to locate premises to transform into a funeral home, to serve the Stafford communities.

I look forward to welcoming you to Love’s Independent Funeral Directors and introducing you to Neo.