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A trusted traditional service with a heartfelt approach

Proud to be based in the historic heart of Stafford, supporting our community with funeral services that feel truly personal.

Losing someone is never easy.

It can feel like looking down a lonely unfamiliar road – beginning with planning a funeral and saying goodbye.

But during that first part of your journey, at least, you won’t need to take a single step alone.

We take care of every detail – from the flowers that accompany your loved one, to the fleet that carries you by their side.

When someone you care about dies, just putting one foot in front of the other is hard enough.

Let’s walk this stretch of the road together.


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Funeral services

Nothing can take away the pain of saying goodbye to someone precious who’s died, but arranging a farewell that’s worthy of their memory can begin to ease it.

We offer a dedicated personal service from the moment you step into our funeral home at Primrose Cottage.

Choose from a range of funeral packages and find the best way to say goodbye, for you and your family.

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Prepaid funeral plans coming soon to Love's Independent Funeral Directors

Thinking about what happens after we’re gone isn’t easy.

But reflecting on how today’s decisions can support our loved ones in the future? That can feel a little less daunting.

Just like creating a Will, a great prepaid funeral plan can give you genuine peace of mind – especially when it’s from a trusted provider like Golden Charter.

About Love’s Independent Funeral Directors

As an independent funeral director, we want your experience with us to be all about you and the person you’re saying goodbye to.

We use our professional experience and empathetic heartfelt approach to offer the people of Stafford exceptional quality funeral services.

When you walk through our door, you’ll be met with genuine care and real, personal connection – but until then, perhaps you’d like to learn more about us?