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Arrange a final farewell that’s worthy of their memory with a cremation funeral service

Saying goodbye to someone important can feel impossible – knowing that the person is being laid to rest with a sensitively arranged cremation service can make that final farewell feel a little easier.

Arranging for a cremation service through Love’s Funerals is simple and straightforward. Our friendly and compassionate team will take the time to understand your wishes and support you through the process.

Cremation services with Love’s Independent Funeral Directors

When you choose to lay someone to rest with a cremation service, we look after every detail – from bringing the person who’s died into our care at Primrose Cottage, to arranging for a service at your chosen crematorium.

Here are some of the ways in which we support you through our funeral services.

Taking care of the person

Bringing the person who’s died to our private place of rest at Primrose Cottage.

Completing all legalities

We’ll sort out any legal admin and offer guidance on any documentation needed.

Visiting at place of rest

Arrange to visit the person who’s died in the peaceful quiet of our chapel of rest.

Escort via traditional hearse

On the day of the funeral, we will take care of and escort the coffin via hearse.

Service at a place of worship

We’ll arrange and manage the funeral service taking place at your chosen venue.

Funeral cars

Luxury limousine transport between Primrose Cottage and the crematorium.

Order of service

Professional, personalised order of services are provided for the funeral.

Crematorium service

Arrange for an optional service to take place at the crematorium.

When it comes to arranging a cremation service through Love’s, everything is tailored to you and your unique preferences. 

We warmly invite you to give us a call or come and meet us to talk through what your needs may be.

Two main crematoriums

Stafford Crematorium entrance with two Love's Funeral Directors cars outside

Stafford Crematorium

Lined by trees and surrounded by greenery, Stafford Crematorium is nestled in the leafy suburbs of the town – away from the hustle and bustle.

With a lovely, light-filled chapel for services and peaceful views outside, this crematorium is a popular choice for arranging a fitting final farewell.

Alongside crematorium and cemetery services, there’s also opportunity to commission memorial seats or to have someone’s name inscribed in the Book of Remembrance.

Cannock Crematorium, Staffordshire

Cannock Chase Crematorium

This stunning and sensitively designed crematorium is surrounded by countryside and overlooks their own beautifully crafted memorial gardens.

With high sloping ceilings and a wall of windows that let the light flood in, their Ceremony Hall is ideal for heartfelt, personalised services.

The Fair Lady Memorial Gardens are perfect for a quiet, contemplative stroll – plus, there’s plenty of options to create your own memorial to include in the garden.

Depending on the location, we can arrange for a cremation service at a number of crematoriums – both in and beyond Staffordshire.

Speak to us about arranging a cremation service that suits your needs and preferences.

What happens after the cremation service

While the cremation service itself is an important part of saying goodbye to someone who’s died, it’s equally vital to have a clear idea of what happens to them afterwards.

We can help you to talk through your options and decide what you’d like to do with the person’s remains (otherwise known as their ashes) after the service.

Whether you wish to keep or scatter their ashes privately, or have their remains interred or scattered at a crematorium or burial site, we can help you sort everything out.

Funeral directors stand ready for a direct cremation service at Stafford Crematorium
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