Coffins and caskets

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It’s your personal choice

When you’re choosing a coffin or casket for someone who’s died, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options.

At Love’s Independent Funeral Directors, we’re led by what you want. 

You may be carrying out the wishes of someone who’s died, who may have decided before their death, what kind of coffin they would like. Or, you may be deciding on their behalf after their death, choosing what you think would be best. You may even be planning your own funeral in advance.

Whatever your situation, the team will help you explore the options available to you and make the right decision for you. That includes any concerns you may have around cost – we will do our best to work around the budget you give us.

Take a look at some of the coffins we offer or get in touch with us if there’s a coffin or casket you’d like that you can’t see listed here.

Our coffins and caskets


A sleek, oak-veneered coffin in a sunny, golden wood stain and high gloss finish, featuring classic  gold Fleur handles. 

Bransdale coffin at Love's Independent Funeral Directors


An oak-veneered, hand-waxed coffin with decorative buttons and a raised lid. Its sleek wooden handles instead of the traditional gold or metal give it a more natural look.

Kinder coffin at Love's Independent Funeral Directors in Stafford


A richly coloured, oak-veneered coffin in a traditional, classic design. With carved panels sides and high gloss finish, this stately coffin is finished with gold Oscar bar handles.

Westbury coffin at Love's Independent Funeral Directors in Stafford


Made in England, this beautiful, solid oak coffin has a carefully crafted exterior with expertly appointed double mouldings, handcrafted metal York handles and decorative buttons.

Seagrass coffin at Love's Independent Funeral Directors Stafford


A lovely looking eco-friendly coffin woven from sustainably harvested seagrass. Both sturdily made and totally biodegradable, Seagrass is a popular alternative to a traditional wooden coffin.