A Year at Primrose Cottage

As we begin March 2023, Love’s Independent Funeral Directors enters its second year of serving the community of Stafford and surrounding areas, continuing to provide a dedicated service and support to those in our care together with their families.

Stuart Love, co-owner of this fabulous funeral home, has led the organisation to considerable success and popularity during this first year, creating a friendly, professional, accessible, and warm environment in which to arrange and support the celebration of life for many families.

Stuart has created a strong reputation in Stafford and the surrounding areas, for the bespoke way funerals are planned, families supported, and funerals conducted, whether at church, at the crematorium or in Woodland’s Rest at Primrose Cottage.

A year on and Stuart is now supported by a small team of dedicated, professional, and caring pallbearers, office team and local small organisations to ensure every family has the attention and support they deserve, during the difficult days and months after a loved-one had passed.

His team, with backgrounds in Policing, Fire service, RAF and Nursing are all equipped to deal with difficult conversations and stressful situations, whilst transferring long life skills of compassion, kindness and professionalism when supporting our families. Without doubt, they all carry out their duties with compassion, kindness, and dignity.

Church funeral service in Stafford by Love's Independent Funeral Directors

Stuart’s vision of a community-based funeral home, where open and honest conversations could be held, in the most beautiful, peaceful setting, opened its doors 12 months ago. Stuart Love, Director explained:

 “We couldn’t be prouder of the team we have here at Love’s Independent and feel so welcomed by the Stafford community. Primrose Cottage has welcomed hundreds of visitors through its doors and together with our website, social media presence, community partnerships and open-door policy, have attempted to take away the fear and uncomfortable conversations attached to death, dying and funerals.”

“We have supported over 50 families this year, presented Dementia awareness talks, visited Dementia support groups, donated to local charities, hosted open evenings for partnership organisations, supported other local funeral directors and made many friends of Stafford.”


“Neo, our resident Border Collie is loved and visited by so many, receiving edible gifts daily. Our background story of how Neo brought together the expertise, skill, commitment, and compassion of three local people during the covid pandemic, continues to be told as we head into our second year.”

To find out more about Love’s Independent Funeral Directors and the support and services we can offer please call 01785 630100.