Floral Tributes

“A flower requires favourable conditions in order to grow and blossom, just as a life does”

Losing someone close to us is always difficult, and often flowers are sent to help brighten this sad time and let the person know they are not alone.

The history of flowers incorporated at a funeral has been around for thousands of years and had a very different purpose than they have today.

Today, flowers express love, comfort, respect, and warmth, and can reflect the person’s life that is being celebrated. Bespoke floral tributes have become more popular in recent years and create beauty that helps to balance the sadness being felt and supporting us to remember our loved ones in a familiar way.

The spiritual significance of flowers recognises the life cycle, from birth through to death, love, and sympathy together with eternity and immortality.

Stuart, Director of Love’s Independent Funerals works closely with Sarah, a floral designer who specialises in individual, personalised tributes for sympathy and funerals. Sarah’s attention to detail, unique flare and bespoke floral tributes are always loved and remembered by family and friends. Sarah’s talent and artistic flare set her in a league of her own, allowing her to deliver the fantastic tributes requested by our families and friends.