First Impressions Count

At Love’s Independent Funeral Directors, we are extremely particular when is comes to the presentation of our team.

First impressions are so important and our pallbearers and Director, Stuart, wear their uniforms with pride and professionalism.

Our team wear striped morning trousers that complement a herringbone waistcoat and jacket.

Our Director Stuart leads the ceremony wearing a distinctive single-breasted tailcoat. A top hat adds to the formality of his outfit showing a mark of respect for the deceased and allowing him to be easily identifiable to the family and those in attendance at the funeral.

A discrete silver-grey tie tops off the uniform giving a smart and professional appearance.

Not forgetting the shoes…Bulling is a military term referring to the method to polish leather shoes, giving them a shine with a mirror-like finish. The art of bulling can take many months or even years to perfect. We’re so lucky here at Love’s Independent to have a team that collectively have served many years in the Police, RAF and Fire service, all of whom understand the importance of parade attire.

If there are specific requests from the family, our team are more than happy to fulfill bespoke wishes.