Let’s talk about Direct Cremation

Direction Cremation is a term used in the funeral industry for a lighter, low-key funeral. It is an alternative option for those that do not wish to have an attended service at a Crematorium

How do Love’s Funeral Directors conduct Direct Cremation Funerals?

  • Your loved one is accommodated at Primrose Cottage and receives our characteristic high calibre of service, care and respect.
  • We sit down in person at Primrose Cottage to discuss your loved ones requirements.
  • The person who has died is cremated locally at Stafford Crematorium or a crematorium of your choice.
  • We use our Mercedes Hearse to convey your loved one to the crematorium.

From escorting your loved one from Primrose Cottage to accompanying them into the crematorium, we will be by their side upholding their dignity throughout.

Why choose a Direct Cremation?

Direction Cremation is often the preferred choice for those that are looking for a low-key funeral or do not want a formal, ceremonial service. It also provides an element of freedom for people to say goodbye in their own way, outside of the traditional funeral service format.

If there are budgetary concerns, Direct Cremation provides a more cost-effective option.

Internal shot of Primrose Suite's seating area

Is ‘Pure Cremation’ the same as Direct Cremation?

In simple terms – Pure Cremation is a UK based company that will organise everything via telephone communications and use their own crematorium in Andover, Oxford.

Direct Cremation using Love’s Independent Funeral Directors means that you stay local and receive a personal service. We use Stafford Crematorium and you can speak in-person to your local, trusted Funeral Director.

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